Singapore wants to ease entry requirements from April 1st. However, it has been reported that all fully vaccinated passengers must be tested before departure and also meet the applicable visa requirements. Such passengers will no longer be subject to quarantine or testing upon arrival. Additionally, reports suggest that transit through Transit Singapore will also resume next month.

In this regard, Airlines has released a statement stating that fully vaccinated travelers on all SIA and Scoot flights from April 1, 2022, will enjoy un-quarantine entry into Singapore with no entry requirements or quarantine testing. This move comes after the Singapore government simplified travel protocols for entry into the country.

SIA and Scoot currently serve Singapore from 97 destinations in 34 countries. With the latest update, the entire SIA and Scoot network is open to all eligible customers. According to the statement, as of April 1, 2022, SIA and Scoot will no longer be designated as Vacation Lane Travel (VTL) flights. The statement also states that current customers who have already booked a VTL flight as of April 1, 2022, will do so. to be able to travel as planned. They don’t need to make any changes to their booking, the statement says.

It was added that, as of April 1, 2022, travelers will be able to transit through Singapore on nearly all SIA and Scoot flights, provided they meet their destination’s entry requirements.

Please note that due to government restrictions, passengers are not yet able to travel via Singapore to any destination in Mainland China or Hong Kong SAR.