The Noonu Atoll of the Maldives has opened a new world with incredible opportunities, as well as the opening of Siyam World.

The theme park offers the promise of unrivaled accommodation and experiences on land, sea, and sky, where it claims to offer spectacular views of Maldives holidays.

Sun Siyam Resort President Ahmed Siyam said: “This island is one of the unique products that we developed as a team, as changes and records in any way, there will be no resort where you can see an unprecedented process, a space that large. and various types of buildings all open after Covid restrictions are lowed.

“We are delighted to welcome our first guests to Siyam World and look forward to providing everyone with an unforgettable holiday experience.”

Creating its path from the ground up, Siyam World aims to provide visitors with a wider experience and new insights that the Maldives has never seen.

Undoubtedly with a sweet deed of love, a deep-rooted soul, and a unique approach to everything, Siyam World is one of the largest islands in the Maldives to showcase unrivaled recreation and accommodation.

It is a 54-acre sanctuary with more than four miles of white sand beaches and six miles of freshwater.

Siyam World is located on the famous Noonu Atoll, a direct flight will take 40 minutes from Velana International Airport, as well as a 30-minute flight to the next Sorryaru airport.

further information

Sun Resorts is a 100% owned and operated Maldivian company.

Ahmed Siyam Mohamed founded the company in 1990.

He is the President and CEO of Sun Siyam Group, a company based in the Maldives.