A study conducted at Beroe, Inc. and Raleigh headquarters showed that airline shares fell 19 percent and the decline was the same adoption

 Many companies go to business travel meeting places and realize that their people, companies, also save a lot of money on planes,” he said. Beroe Police Chief Anusree Mohan in a statement back to planting. “

According to Bernero, business travelers paid half of the shipping tax, nearly 1.7 percent of the country’s economy, due to the global financial crisis.

But for companies looking to save money and combine regular meeting techniques with holding meetings, Beroe researchers see short- and long-term results from air travel.

“Companies around the world are in pain. That’s why lowering prices will be the main goal in the coming years. And that means fewer flights,” said Anusree Mohan, lead researcher at Bernero. Uncertainty. “

Raleigh-Durham (RDU), whose flights cover 50% of holidays and 50% of business travel, spokesman Stephanie Hawco told WRAL TechWire.

When the global boom began and flights to RUU recently crashed, Hawco told WRAL TechWire in March. Compared to 2019, nearly 14 million passengers will fly and by 2020, 5 million airports, Hawco said.

Air traffic at RDU is growing, Hawco said. The latest data, which began in June 2021 and was published by the Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority, showed that the June flight set the maximum number of airlines after the start of the patient season. Infection in 2020.