Most individuals have a dream of visiting the Maldives, whether for a honeymoon, family trip, or solitary adventure.

When one thinks of the Maldives, idyllic seas, white sand beaches, and unique homes all come to mind. Only in person can one truly appreciate the beautiful magnificence of the Maldives.

The two sports that are most frequently advised for exploring the island nation’s deep seas are scuba diving and snorkeling.

The Maldives is a fantastic location for couples looking for peace and isolation; it was named the third-best honeymoon destination in the world. Here is a Maldives fact sheet for you.

The Maldives are where?

The sovereign island country of the Maldives sometimes referred to as the Maldive Islands or the Republic of Maldives, is situated in the north-central Indian Ocean, southwest of Sri Lanka and India.

The Maldives is an archipelagic state, which is a term for a nation that has one or more archipelagos or groups of islands.

About 1,200 tiny coral islands and sandbanks, arranged in atolls or clusters, make up the Maldives. Only 200 of them are inhabited now, and only a small number of them are used for resorts, businesses, and agriculture.

The capital and most populous city of the Maldives is Malé, which is located on one of the central islands. The Maldives Islands are low-lying islands that rise only six feet above the ocean.

The islands are built of coral atolls or reefs that form a ring-shaped structure surrounding a body of water and are constructed on top of the crowns of a submerged, old volcano. During monsoons, these reefs serve as barriers for the islands.

What is the Maldives’ currency?

The Maldives’ national currency is called the Rufiyaa. 100 Laari are split into one MVR. As of November 2022, according to the currency exchange rate, one US dollar was equivalent to 15.36 MVR.

However, if you’re going to travel to the Maldives, there’s no need to exchange your money. Along with euros, U.S. dollars are accepted as forms of payment throughout the nation.

The Maldives: Is it safe to visit?

Crime is not very prevalent in the Maldives. The majority of tourists and international visitors often visit resort islands, where violence is reportedly uncommon.

It is more typical for small-time criminals to take valuables. Among young Maldivians, drug usage is on the rise, and the punishment is harsh.

According to Visit Maldives, it is crucial to remember that the Maldives is a Muslim nation, hence it is crucial to respect their customs and religious regulations.

Bikinis and bathing suits, for instance, could not be allowed on some local islands unless they are designated as “Bikini Beaches” or something similar.

Pork and alcohol consumption may also be prohibited on local islands, although being permitted on vacation islands.