We’ve heard love stories, but it’s different! The dog trainer, who traveled from Mumbai to Chennai, kept the whole Air India business house in his heart bag, just going with his furry friend for a high price.

It all happened one beautiful Wednesday morning as a group of business dogs and a flying man on an Air India AI-671. One Mumbai man spent a huge amount of INR 2.4 million in two hours on a plane to Chennai.

The Air India A320 J-cab has 12 seats and the dog owner has chosen all 12 seats so that his pet can ride in a more expensive class without any problems. Please note that one ticket for Mumbai business tickets to Chennai is between INR 18,000 and 20,000 (average price). The TOI statement said: “The Air India A320 J-Class room has 12 seats, so the little one flew away.”

This was not the first time the dog flew. However, is the only Indian airline that allows people to take their animals with them under certain conditions. People are allowed to take more than two pets on an Air India flight and are generally given a pet seat in the last row of the library. Again, players have to pay extra for this service.

But this is the first time a person has put their business team in the best position for their pet. Script yourself! Last year, from June to September, Air India flew about two thousand animals to its fleet.