There are historical sites all across Rome, even in the basement of a department shop.

Rome is a lasagna. We create layer upon layer so we have to build around our historic city,” luxury travel expert Mitra Talarman remarked in an Instagram video of one of the city’s finest attractions: an aqueduct in the basement of a high-end retail complex, La Rinascente.

In the movie, Talarman guides viewers through the department store, down its escalator, and into its basement, where the still-operating aqueduct is located.

You are welcome to visit for free, she added, adding that this is still the major aqueduct used to transport water from the Spanish Steps to the Vatican City.

According to the La Rinascente website, the historical artifact dates back to 19 B.C. and is a part of the renowned Aqua Virgo aqueduct. It is located in a location of shopping mall that is “dedicated to events, exhibits, and design.”

The video currently has over 10,000 likes and several comments from viewers who learned something new about the city.

“When we traveled to Rome in 2018, a buddy took us to view this. Fascinating “, a commenter commented.

The Trevi Fountain can be reached from La Rinascente in roughly 3 minutes.

The next time you find the throng around the famous fountain in the Eternal City to be a bit overwhelming, go to the La Rinascente, grab a penny, spin around, and make a wish as you throw it over your shoulder.