Travelers will also receive an FVGcard from Friuli Venezia Giulia, which offers discounts at several sites, in addition to a railway ticket.

To promote eco-friendly travel, a region in northeastern Italy is paying for visitors’ train tickets to visit.

Travelers’ Trenitalia rail tickets will be refunded by the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, which includes towns like Trieste and Udine, to promote tourism. Until May 31, 2023, the promotion is still available.

The region’s website stated, “Choose your sustainable vacation, arrive in Friuli Venezia Giulia by rail!” All tourists will also receive an FVGcard from the region in addition to having their rail fares paid; this card offers savings and free admission to “many places to spend your trip following your hobbies!”

For instance, visitors visiting Trieste will get access to various museums and cultural institutions without charge, as well as a discounted fee to see a Banksy show at the Salone Degli Incanti from November through April 2023. Travelers may benefit from a fantastic beach town along the Adriatic Sea at Lignano Sabbiadoro, which is located just east of Venice.

Travelers can also “indulge in the tradition of ‘tajùt,'” which is recognized across the area and involves enjoying a glass of wine with the company. Travelers must spend at least two nights in the area to participate in the program. A package that includes lodging at a partnering hotel must also be reserved by the traveler. The price of the rail ticket will then be subtracted from the total of the package.

In addition to this offer, international visitors to Italy can purchase a “Trenitalia Pass” from Trenitalia, which runs more than 10,000 kilometers of train lines, for as little as €129. With this pass, they can travel on several occasions (for example, three times in seven days).