One of the biggest world economies recently declared that it was loosening some of its travel restrictions. China made many changes to its stringent Covid-19 travel regulations public on Friday, November 11, 2022. What you should know is provided below.

Limitations on Travel to China

Travelers visiting China will no longer be required to submit any PCR results; simply one negative test from a 48-hour period before to departure will be accepted. Two negative tests were formerly required of tourists.

Additionally, rather than having to quarantine for seven days, overseas travelers with permanent addresses in China will only have to do so for five days, followed by three days of home isolation.

International passengers will still have to spend eight days in hotel quarantine if they don’t have a permanent abode in China. In contrast to the prior ten-day requirement, this one is two days shorter.

Close relatives of those who tested positive for Covid-19 and have permanent residence in China no longer need to spend as much time in quarantine.

They must now spend the first five days at a facility run by the government and the final three days at home in quarantine. Prior to this, they had to remain in quarantine for seven days and then spend an additional three days at home.

Secondary contacts (those considered to be close contacts of persons with Covid-19) are exempt from reporting contact tracing information and from quarantine.

Additionally abolished is the divisive “circuit-breaker” regulation. International airlines were subject to fines under this regulation if they brought in travelers who might test positive for COVID-19.

Travelers had problems as a result of abruptly canceled flights. This restriction led to China at one time canceling 26 flights from American Airlines, United Airlines, and Delta Air Lines. Tensions between China and the US arose as a result of this.