We have alternatives that you’ll want to bring, such as TravelPass and the Unlimited International Monthly Plan, whether you’re going for a few days or a few months.

With Verizon, the trusted network in America, being connected is now even simpler no matter where you are.

We’ve upgraded our daily TravelPass and International Monthly plan so that travelers may stay connected when traveling in the same way they do at home.

You now get 4X as many high-speed data with TravelPass as compared to our prior plan offering. 2GB per day at 5G speeds, then an endless amount of 3G data at 1Mbps1.

Additionally, you receive Unlimited talk and text, making it possible for you to utilize your current Unlimited plan while traveling overseas in more than 210 different locations for just $10 per day.

Visiting Mexico or Canada? On all Unlimited plans, roaming is already included at no extra charge! We’ve also improved our International Monthly Plan for lengthier journeys.

With our International Monthly Plan, travelers who want to be away from home for an extended length of time may also affordably stay in touch with loved ones, friends, and even their jobs (if necessary).

Get unlimited 3G data after 20GB of high-speed data at 5G speeds, which is 4X more high-speed data than our prior plan offered.

For an additional $100 a month, you’ll have an unlimited messages and 250 phone minutes. On us, keep in touch with family members at home.

The 5G Do More and Get More offerings from Verizon are for customers. obtain 12 days of TravelPass in a year, one day every month2. You’ll pay $10 each day once your complimentary TravelPass days have been spent.

Use the MyVerizon App or text TRAVEL to 4004 to add TravelPass to your account. Visit our international travel planner to select the most suitable international itinerary for your trip.