The Cambodian government has decided to reduce the special time for well-vaccinated travelers to travel to the country from now on. This was recently announced by the Ministry of Health in a statement.

According to the statement, technical experts, foreign investors, support services, diplomatic missions, and returning Cambodian citizens are now trying to leave, just three days. However, incoming tourists, both foreigners, and Cambodians must remain separated for seven days.

The report says that those who have not received the vaccine or have not received the vaccine will be asked to remain separated for 14 days. The statement added that foreign travelers must still provide a medical certificate for a negative COVID-19 test which took 72 hours to arrive in Cambodia and must carry their immunization certificate and vaccination status. day or bring their vaccination card.

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Additionally, travelers must show proof of residency during the off-season and must adhere to the COVID-19 insurance policy issued by Forte Insurance (Cambodia) Plc, an insurance company, which was added to the statement. The statement added that visas are not currently issued and that all visas must be applied to Cambodian ambassadors abroad.

The change came when the kingdom managed to take at least 84.9 percent of the 16 million COVID-19 drugs, according to the Ministry of Health. Of these, 78.3% were successfully deployed in two rounds and 8.5% after acquiring a third or more, the Ministry of Health added.