In the latest news, China has 33,863 visitors locked inside Shanghai Disneyland park after one guest tested positive.

The incident occurred on Sunday where all guests were forced to take a COVID test after identifying a customer. Park authorities then announced that they had closed the camp for two days “to facilitate disease testing in the area and in other communities.” With this, the Chinese government wants to demonstrate how important it is for them to implement an inpatient disease prevention plan.

What happened

There is a good test from the nearby city of Hangzhou. According to local media, the man visited Disneyland on Saturday evening, Shanghai Disneyland announced that it will not receive guests. The entrance to the park was immediately closed and local health officers and police rushed to the scene and conducted a thorough search.

The testing process continued for several hours on Sunday evening and thousands of visitors were trapped in the camp. They wait for their numbers to get a false test result so they can get out of the field. As the fire continued to ignite, the visitors were waiting for the results of their tests.

Those with poor results will be asked to try again within the next 14 days. Chinese authorities have taken some serious measures to prevent the virus in the country.