GENEVA – The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has announced that the EU Digital COVID (DCC) and the UK NHS Pass can now be sent to the IATA Travel Pass for vaccination testing.

Carriers with a DCC EU or NHS UK Digital Covid passport can obtain COVID-19 travel information, create an electronic portion of their passport and carry the security certificate in one place. This information can be disclosed to the airline and the border guards are convinced that the certificate issued to them is genuine and this is the person they represent.

EU and UK Digital Covid Certificates recognized by IATA Travel Pass

“Digital Covid protection certificates are still in high demand on international travel. The retention of European and UK passports through the IATA travel route is an important step forward in providing passengers with opportunities, “Loyalty to Government and Success in Flight,” said Assistant Nick Careen, Assistant Director of Defense and Operations.

Injection technology

Injury preparedness is essential to support recovery and safety, avoid unwanted airport routes, and ensure safe travel. IATA welcomes the EU’s unique commitment to improving the EU DCC system and setting standards for vaccination systems across Europe.

Building on the success of the EU DCC, IATA called on the World Health Organization (WHO) to examine its role in improving the global position of medicine.

“The absence of global conditions makes it difficult for stadiums, border guards, and governments to assign and check a person’s credit card numbers. The industry does this by creating a solution that can be valued and verified. Certifications around the world. However, this slows down the process that prevents the recovery of global migration.

“When most countries launch community immunization programs, many want to try a vaccine solution for their people when they visit. The DCC is a response to WHO guidelines and will help the world that reunites, “Careen said.