In Qatar, the FIFA World Cup has begun and will continue through December 18. The little country in the middle east is expecting 1.5 million tourists for the competition.

There are a variety of admission conditions you must follow if you fall under this category. If you aren’t aware before you depart, it’s simple to get caught off guard by everything from fan ID cards to laws and restrictions on alcohol and tobacco.

So, here is everything you need to know before visiting Qatar for the World Cup.

What do I need to enter Qatar for the World Cup?

To enter the nation, football supporters will require a fan ID called a Hayya Card. Visitors to the World Cup will also not require a COVID-19 immunization record.

However, it is wise to spend money on a travel insurance package that covers your vacation and all of your planned activities. Although private medical care might be pricey, Qatar has strong emergency medical services.

How can I reserve lodging for the World Cup in Qatar?

Compared to prior World Cup competitions, the lodging booking process seems a little bit different. Whether or not you are going to a game, visitors are being directed to the tournament’s official booking agency website for hotels, villas, apartments, and fan communities.

When applying for your Hayya Card, you must authenticate your booking if you want to stay in the nation for more than 24 hours.

You still need to register your lodging on the Hayya Portal website even if you want to stay with relatives or friends while watching the competition.