Israel has finally removed a travel warning for Morocco which was in place for over 10 years now!

However, Israel has warned travelers to be alert while visiting the nation. Israel’s National Security Council said, “The estimated level of threat in Morocco has dropped.”
The council in a text message further mentioned, “At the same time, it is advisable to continue to exercise increased vigilance while staying in the country.”

The decision comes after former American President Donald Trump announced that the two nations had agreed to renew their diplomatic relations. The two countries have also signed a series of cooperation agreements to maintain peace. Not only this, direct flights between Tel Aviv and the top tourist destination of Marrakesh have also been arranged for interested tourists.

In July this year, the first direct commercial flight between Israel and Morocco took off. As of now, more than a million Moroccan origin Israelis, and more than 3000 Jews live in Morocco.

It was last year that the two nations announced their plans of normalizing their relations, following the UAE, Bahrain, and Sudan signed the Abraham Accords. The countries have also reopened offices this year, and have upgraded to embassies. David Govrin, who has been on the diplomatic mission in Rabat for the past two months, will now head the fully upgraded embassy.