From 9 to 11 March 2022 on the stage of the famous eTravel World section ITB, the focus will be on how to deal with the consequences of this disease. For this reason, ITB Berlin now calls newspapers the main supporters and supporters of travel technology. The speaker has until October 31, 2021, to secure his position on eTravel World.

Designed as “Business Education for You”, eTravel World 2022 will look at the best examples of how to manage the structural transformation that digitization and technology is causing in the travel sector. In addition to best practice studies, practical learning links are needed in travel technology and digitization in the travel industry. The important question is “in what way and in this way is the impact of developing technology satisfying the company?”.

Under the name “Green Travel”, startups and travel investors are invited to report on development opportunities, business opportunities, and investments. Instead of focusing on content, eTravel World encourages entrepreneurs to post and post their submissions. For new entrants, the market tenure of six months, as well as the type of business that may fall, is less necessary.

On March 9, the comprehensive eTravel World 2022 program will resume at the TTA Forum on technology, tours, and programs. To showcase their programs and ideas on the eTravel Platform, experts are invited to submit their input for panels and documentation. This should include up-to-date information obtained from objective services, such as a summary of the marketing and distribution process. Other topics will include safe travel and travel patterns and experiences during and after a serious illness.

On Thursday 10 March details will appear on the eTravel Stage program. Applicants are invited to provide useful application and hands-on learning for career promotion and procedures through customized work, tear-free travel, internet of materials, and machine learning. Other topics will cover big data and open data and their benefits on the one hand and challenges on the other.

ITB Berlin is seeking hospitality experts for a demonstration at the Hospital Tech Forum on March 11. Classes here will cover hotel and hotel technology, sales and distribution, guest experience technology for quality visits, as well as hotel technology enhancement, integration, and scalability.

General options and status options:

• Supportive business demonstrations or “study” showing success in a process based on your product will not be included in the regular program.

• The theme presentation should not exceed 20 minutes.

• Topics will be important as described above.

• A good example will be introduced in the course study.

• Initiatives and strategies related to the above topics will be introduced.

• Content summaries or non-existent materials clearly demonstrate content and learning.

• This application does not guarantee that the plan will be included in the conference plan. Messe Berlin’s decision cannot be appealed.

• ITB speaker tickets will be provided free of charge.