Off Travel Map has a new adventure that will make you look at the sky from your igloo.

The company’s new experience, called Scandinavian Star trip, invites visitors to two destinations in Finland famous for their fantastic Aurora ideas. While the night sky is the most amazing thing, this tour includes some great treats as a little icing on the cake. Without the fear of covid.

The six-day tour will begin in Tromso, Norway, where travelers will depart for the first stop in Kilpisjärvi, Finland. Then they spend the night in the new Wow House, an “igloo” house that faces upstairs to get the best view of the Northern Lights. Just 30km from the Arctic Ocean, Kilpisjärvi is an urgent place with a population of over 100, making it the perfect place to solemnize and complete peace as you leave behind and gaze at the stars.

From here, travelers will travel to Rovaniemi, Finland, the capital of Lapland, to spend time at the Lappish Kammi Suites. The friendly living space is designed to give Aurora a clear idea. The igloo style extends to the large glass ceiling above the loft, so guests can sit on the queen’s sofa and stay warm and enjoy the magic of the Northern Lights. The rooms also have low red lights to keep guests’ eyes in the night sky.

But that is not all. During the tour, guests will take part in a range of evening activities such as dog grooming, a bike ride in the tundra, and snowmobiling in the regions of Norway, Finland, and Sweden to meet the team’s Sami team, the callers from the area. as the abode of the ancients.

A six-day, five-day tour starts at $ 2,454 for each double stay. The price includes food, all deliveries, four-star accommodation, and all programs. This tour is available from December 2021 to March 2021. See Off Map Trips for full tour details.