CANADA, KINGSTON, ON – St. where he went on a boat trip. line., on a trip through the thousands of islands on the St Lawrence Seaway and a scenic tour of the company’s history and the launch of Canada’s little queen in 1981.

“We believe it is important to pay homage to the company’s founding, including the Queen of Canada’s decision on Gananoque, as well as our first voyage across a thousand islands on the St. Lawrence River. This commemorative trip allows us to do just that,” said Lawrence Cruise Lines President Jason Clark.

The Anniversary Cruise is a 4-day, five-day cruise between the ports of Kingston, Ontario, and Morrisburg, Ontario. The tour includes special stops that will include lunch at the Cosies Tea Room in Brockville, a festive dinner at the Harvest Barn in Upper Canada Village, as well as a banquet for the Queen of Canada in October. 1 to 9:30 p.m. on 1000 Island. Boat theatre. and Gananoque. The museum is located near the museum and dates back to 1981.

“We are excited to share this commemorative journey with passengers and crew. We will also welcome many former seafarers, many of whom first participated in the construction of the Canadian Empress at an anti-ship ceremony on October 1. ‘ said Jason Clark.

NS. Lawrence offers quiet boat trips at night on St. Louis. Louis Lawrence in Ottawa, departing from Kingston, Ottawa, and Quebec City. The ship only sails into Canadian waters and stops overnight at designated ports in Ontario and Québec.