The UK is easing COVID travel restrictions for India

Due to the failure to control the ECVID situation, the British government lifted travel restrictions to India. With the adoption of its mandate, the country has lost important travel routes to India under the COVID travel traffic management system. On August 8, Britain moved from India in a red-letter to an amber letter explaining immigration law.

Advisers from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Commonwealth and the UK Ministry of Development reviewed and read: “Since India’s second leader received COVID-19 on 19 May, it has collapsed.”

Under the yellow description, Britishers who full blowback to India no longer need to be cleaned up. Therefore, they had to schedule an RT-PCR test before leaving school and a second PCR test (day 2) immediately after returning to the United Kingdom.

In the UK, EU, and the US, vaccines are allowed for people who are fully vaccinated and can go two weeks after the second injection. Immigrants who have been vaccinated abroad, if not already vaccinated, are asked to leave the shared address of the detention center.

The FCDO also warned: “The number of flights between India and the UK continues to grow. You must check-in at the airport to book tickets and check important bookings before visiting.”

Please also read the “Access Requirements” section of the India section before visiting, where change is subject to applicable restrictions and requirements.