The hit equipment store is trying to raise INR 750 with the initial Travel investment and INR 850 through an existing customer gift offer (OFS) as part of the first public outlook, which adheres to the company’s brand “DRHP “. . . and financial management managers.

DRHP will increase the reported INR by 1.6 trillion. ET will review your copy.

When Le Travenues Technology Ltd, a web platform company, saw Micromax customers and the powerful web market (Saif Partners) move away from OFS, their longtime client was removed from Make My Trip and exchanged within Travel 8x seconds. Return on its $ 4.8 million investment, ET announced earlier this week.

Travel platform upload files for INR-1,600 crore IPO

Researchers Rajnish Kumar and Aloke Bajpai also want to sell their beds in the IPO, showing an example.

Last month, the company raised $ 53 million (395 million) from a Singapore investor, GIC funds, and investor holdings such as Info Edge Ventures, White Oak, Bay Capital, and Oreos Venture Partner as part of the pre -IPO campaign. Trifecta Capital and Investment in Malabar.

The company is currently worth $ 850 million and may announce its IPO later this year. The company said it uses its built-in 540 INR IPO crore to boost yield and not profit.

Founded in 2007, ixigo has a network of over 250 million websites. Earlier this year, the Travel Bangalore station received a Confirmtkt prison tax for a secret fee. Last week, the company announced that it had acquired the Airbus bus in Hyderabad and raised the tax on the sales platform.

The company paid full tax of INR 138.4 million for the year ended 31 March 2021, compared to INR 112.9 for 209 financial years. This resulted in an INR of 7.5 million from FY21, compared to a 20-year 26-year RR 26.6-million loss.

The immigration department was severely affected by the Covid-19 virus 14 months ago. However, Travel transportation and hotel companies have seen a decline, and markets such as the US and Europe have reopened, with more than 50 percent of their population vaccinated. In India, airline and hospitality companies have selected a large number of people for the second wave of the Covid-19 virus.