Are you ready to make your travel dreams come true? A woman from Philadelphia loves Walt Disney World in Orlando so much that she decided to take her sister to it once a month and help cover the costs by donating blood plasma.

The woman, Liz Grambling, says she is helping someone with the process and has been visiting Walt Disney World monthly for the past year. It is also booked for a visit in April.

Grumpy would donate his blood plasma twice a week and buy tickets when it was the cheapest of the month. With a plasma donation, you can cover the costs of flights and hotels.

Morose said she flew to the Orlando theme park for a day trip from Philadelphia in 2020 because the flight between the two cities was just two hours. It was her first trip since she was three years old. By donating blood plasma, she was now able to do this regularly.

He reportedly paid $25 for a round-trip ticket, which was cheaper than the cost of gas to fill his car. Then Flaunting COVID restrictions as ticket prices soared, Gramlich and his sister had to shell out $150 for a round-trip ticket from Philadelphia to Orlando. This sudden increase in ticket prices forced them to donate blood plasma to fund their trips to Walt Disney World in Orlando.

Her subscription helps her earn around $498 per month which has helped her in her travels.