If you’re in New York by the end of March, you can see the magnificent Northern Lights above the city’s skyline. The 1,131-foot-tall building at Hudson Yards offers city dwellers and visitors alike this groundbreaking experience.

The observation deck at the top of this building is called Edge and the Northern Lights experience is called Skylight. It’s a laser that the Aurora Borealis envisions. This special experience is open to the public through the end of March, and Edge is the only place in New York to see it. Imagine seeing the incredible Northern Lights with Manhattan in the background. Surreal right?

At Hudson Yards, you’ll be in an elevator that takes less than a minute to the 100th floor and becomes part of this surreal experience.

The show takes place on set days at 7 pm and lasts 20 minutes. According to the organizers, it uses revolutionary lighting technology to create spectacular illustrations of the New York skyline. After each show, there is a 45-minute break until the next show. The skyline of this iconic city is a great opportunity to see it in a whole new light.

The Edge is also known for its outdoor observation deck, you may want to spend some time there. Also, the bridge has a glass floor that can give you goosebumps when you’re looking at something from 1000 feet.