You won’t require a passport for foreign travel thanks to UAE biometric face-scanning technology. The Abu Dhabi International Airport is the site of the UAE’s biometric technology experiments.

NEXT50, an Abu Dhabi-based technology company, is working on a project that will use cutting-edge AI technologies to streamline airport check-ins and do away with the need for manual check-ins and passports.

Before the technology is rolled out to all of the airport’s passenger touchpoints, next-generation biometric solutions are being trialed at a few self-service luggage touchpoints, immigration e-gates, and boarding gates.

UAE biometric plans

When the project is finished, it will provide customers with a hassle-free, frictionless, and sanitary experience from “curb to gate.” Additionally, customers will spend less time waiting in lines as a result of this.

In order to verify passenger information at various airport touchpoints, including the self-service luggage drop, passport control, business class lounge, and boarding gates, the systems will utilize cutting-edge biometric cameras.

As part of the Emirate’s strategy for digital transformation, Ibrahim Al Mannaee, Chief Executive Officer of NEXT50, said, “We are thrilled to be heading the biometrics project at the state-of-the-art International Airport in the UAE capital.”

When the project is finished, the airport will have biometric solutions implemented across all customer touchpoints, making it the only airport in the area. This will help Abu Dhabi Airport realize its vision of operating the most technologically advanced airport in the world while giving every passenger a smooth journey.

We are delighted to be working with IDEMIA and SITA and to be able to contribute our data science and AI expertise to the realization of this endeavor.

A smart camera is used by the gadget to capture a photo of the passenger’s face and use it to decide if they have permission to go. The same information is used prior to boarding, thus there is no need to present documents once more.

Our dedication to influencing the future of airport experiences by bringing innovation and technology that fosters efficiency, convenience, and service excellence is further solidified by the phase one deployment of advanced biometrics at Abu Dhabi International Airport.

After the project is finished, Abu Dhabi will have the first airport in the world with every touchpoint for the biometric trip, giving passengers a smooth, secure, and safe travel experience.

We are thrilled to work with NEXT50 to put forward-thinking biometric technologies in Abu Dhabi. Future airports will be powered by technology that makes travel safe, easy, and seamless at every turn.

This most recent implementation demonstrates the capability of Smart Path to provide a seamless experience where a passenger’s face serves as their boarding pass from check-in to boarding.

Modern biometric technology will be delivered to Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, thanks to our cooperation with NEXT50 today.

We are inspired by the UAE’s technology-driven growth trajectory and are honored to be a part of Abu Dhabi International Airport’s remarkable makeover and success story.

This collaboration makes use of contactless biometric technologies to provide consumers with an unmatched airport experience while maintaining the utmost security.

This demonstrates our ability to continuously innovate in order to maintain passenger confidence and help set the road for future travel that is even more seamless and secure.