Salutations from Presicce. Forget about wishing you could relocate to Europe; one Italian town will pay you to do so.

The municipality of Presicce in the province of Puglia is the newest place in Italy to provide some financial incentives to draw in new inhabitants.

If someone agrees to buy an empty property and move in permanently, they will pay them up to €30,000 (or around $30,000).

The site also stated that all of the properties up for sale were constructed prior to 1991 and start at 25,000 euros, meaning you might walk away with a reasonably priced new residence owing to the neighborhood’s new “Welcome to Presicce-Acquarica” initiative.

Being that these homes have been vacant for some time, just be ready for a little bit of work. However, the renovation project itself is what makes it fun. In the historic district, there are a lot of vacant homes that were constructed before 1991.

We would like to see these homes come to life once more with fresh tenants. It is sad to see how our historic neighborhoods, which are full of gorgeous architecture and art, are slowly becoming deserted.

Given how gorgeous this town is, moving there is really not a sacrifice. According to Forbes, the region is a dream of Europe, with a main square that is home to a gleaming white church, intricate sculptures, and streets that are also paved in brilliant white marble.

It’s a place where people shouldn’t have to offer up homes for practically nothing, but as other publications have noted, it’s a place where young people have left in droves because there aren’t enough opportunities there.

The town is making an effort to address this as well, by providing incentives for companies to establish themselves here or move here, thus creating more jobs for residents.

According to Forbes, up to a maximum of €30,000, the programme will pay 50% of the costs associated with buying a home, including renovations.

Since about 30% of the town’s housing is up for sale, there is a wide variety of homes to choose from. About 10,500 people live in the town currently, but selling off its older homes is only one part of the growth strategy.

You should prepare for a baby boom if you decide to move because the town is also paying parents €1,000 for each newborn child registered in the town.