Did you also think that Rishish is spiritual and the only one? If so, you should finally read this blog! Yes, we agree that he is one of Chota Char Dham’s most famous pilgrims and won the Yoga Capital Award for the world, but there may be a lot to do in Rishish that you don’t know uncle. A small cottage for tourists and foreigners, Rishikesh is a popular city in the country of Uttarakhand.

15 things to do in Rishikesh

Want to know what Rishikesh has to offer? Here are some of the best things about Rishi. Keep reading!

1. Make clean water

Can you imagine a trip to Rishish without accidentally floating white? From Kaudiyala and Shivpur to Marine Drive and Berhampur, you can choose any track, whether you are a famous person or an expert. In addition to the rainy season, you can hike Rishish at any time of the year.

2.  Bungee Jumping

In addition to other exciting activities in Rishikesh, the skipping rope gets an adrenaline pump. You can protect your feet and body from used ropes or ropes by pushing jumps off the roof or a large building. When jumping from the roof or house, it is good that you can jump in the air for a while.

3. Swinging

The Giant Swing is as fun as the rope drop, but a little different. A giant swing attached to the living space with ropes allows for a walk through the deep valleys of Rishi. All you have to do is jump and move sideways like a pen.

4. Ziplining

One of the most exciting and convincing things about Rishikesh fins. This procedure requires that you protect yourself with a metal cover to fly over the rope cannon. Do not worry about the operation, as it is powered only by the user. An adrenaline rush with stunning views of the Rishish Ganges.

5. Cliff Jumping

Upper Cliff is a well-known tourist destination in Rishish, with several slopes along the Ganges. All you have to do is get up and jump into the river for about 20-50 meters. Assuming you are interested in water and not afraid of heights, Rishikesh is the perfect place to jump into the water.

6. Kayaking

Professionally, Rishish has a unique style that suits everyone. Canoeing requires you to stay in a boat or kayak and walk around the creek and drown in the river. There are lessons available for beginners to make this easier. Canoeing in the Rishikesh Ganges is an important profession.

7. Camping

Although the quiet Ganges cross the city center, with clean air and scenery, Rishikesh offers an unusual campsite. You can enjoy delicious food, evening music, and campfires and wake up to the sounds of birds and river flow by setting up your camp in Rishikesh.

8. Mountain Biking

With beautiful Rishikesh buildings and picturesque scenery, cycling in Rishikesh is an amazing and memorable experience. Rishikesh has rental bicycles for exploring the city or jungle.

9. Visit temples

One of the holiest places in Hindu India board, Rishikesh, is a religious place with many temples nearby. The pilgrimage of Rishikesh to every visitor must begin by visiting temples and seeking the blessings of the gods. Neelkanth Mahadev Temple, Kunjapuri Devi Temple, Raghunath Temple, Bhootnath Temple, Trayambakeshwar Temple, Shatrughna Mandir, Lakshman Temple, and Shri Bharat Mandir are some of Rishikesh most famous temples.

10. Yoga

The journey to the yoga capital of India is incomplete without creating asanas or learning. Rishikesh offers many opportunities to reconnect with its spiritual and multidimensional parts. Your body. Many yoga practitioners visit Rishikesh every year to learn it alone.

11. Visit the Beatles Ashram

The Beatles lived in the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Chaurasi Kutian Ashram when they visited Rishish in 1968. The ashram became a worldwide school of meditation, but it later disintegrated. So in honor of the famous group that lived here, two artists, Kyrie Maezum and Pan Trinity Das, embraced the remains of the Ashram and created their own art space here. A visit to the Beatles Ashram is a must for all visitors to Rishi.

12. Visit Lakshman Jhula

The most famous attraction of the city – Lakshman Jhula is a large tourist magnet in Rishikesh with stunning views of the city and the Ganges River. Lakshman Jhula was built in 1929 on a 404-millimeter bridge that connects all the beaches of St. Ganges.

13. Visit Shivpur

Shivpur, known in the Himalayas for building the Shiva Temple, is also known as the “residence of King Shiva.” Shivpur is a great place to enjoy the beautiful scenery at sunrise and sunset as it offers a beach area where you can rest and swim under the free sun. There are also beautiful and fun floating trips around the Ganges River.

14. Visit Ram Jhula

You may have heard and seen disturbing pictures of Lakshman Jhula, but there is another endless healing bridge in Rishikesh known as Ram Jhula that crosses many roads. This 450-meter-long bridge, built in the Ganges, was built in 1986 and connected the Shivananda Ashram on one side and the Swarg Ashram on the other. Walk around the bridge and see the magnificent views of the valley.

15. Do an Ayurvedic massage

If walking around the city has tired and exhausted you, and if you want to allow your body to heal after all the exciting events, go for an Ayurvedic relaxation treatment. There are many hot spots in Rishikesh. The massage with the best herbs and Ayurvedic oils relaxes the muscles and relaxes the body. These Ayurveda scents have a pleasant scent that will soothe your mind.