Crushed for selection. It will feel like one day it will be yours, but only in Athens.

Filled with beautiful scenery, action art, and popular nightlife, knowing where to start can be difficult. The secret is not to try to do everything. Instead, check out some of the tourist attractions and explore under the skin of the city to get a feel for this capital city.

Old place

The Acropolis is often at the top of lists of things to see in Athens. Famous Western monuments continue to amaze even the most discerning of tourists as they climb the steps and stand in front of the beautiful Parthenon. The view at the top is incredible, the city is expanding as far as the eye can see. Morning visit to the heat lamp and car ride; it is a miracle to receive under the full moon.

The shoping

Plaka is the oldest neighborhood in the city, nestled on the slopes of the Acropolis. It’s a quarter of the old Ottomans, has warm air, and has lovely cafes, boutiques, and streets. Sure, it’s a tourist attraction, but its high traffic is perfect for wasting time, allowing coffee and bar staff to explore where they can deliver hard, or even harder, coffee between people. Plaka is best in the morning and there are also some of the best restaurants in town. Acropolis House Pension is a building restored in the 19th century that gives guests an idea of ​​a house in Greece.

The museum

The Athens Museum offers relief from the heat and some of the best collections in the world. The new Acropolis Museum displays the treasures of the former Acropolis and the National Archaeological Museum is a great repository of Greek archeology. Benaki’s private museum offers a little more, from children’s toys to Rome to Byzantine art.

Market view

Varvakios Agora is the commercial center of Athens and is very active. Locals come here to shop and buy everything you need in Greek food, from olive oil to meatballs. It is a closer look at rural life and most notably as well as a window into Greek art. The meat market also has some of the best restaurants in town, offering a diverse range of shoppers from all walks of life traditional food. Papandreou (Aristogitonos 1) is a virtual factory among these restaurants.

Touching culture

The old Odeon of Herodes Atticus is a special place where summer viewers watch Homer shows, watch contemporary music, and listen to classical music. Behind the Acropolis, this spectacular place competes for both attention and spectacular views.

No Sleep at night

Athens night is full of music, dance and food. Rusty and authentic, Perivoli Tou Ouranou (Lysikratous 19) is a reminiscent club with a visible vibe. Filled with the sound of violins, mandolins and guitars of traditional blues-like music, it’s also dreary and awesome. Atens’ mainstream club and bar scene is anything but small. Hedonists go to the venues for some of the biggest parties in the world.