After a long time finally, most of the countries in Europe have opened the gates of tourism. Now our blog will help you find your dream vacation in Europe, if you are going on a family trip we got you, going with friends we have your back, also if you are going to Europe on a romantic date we have destinations for you.

Many countries here in Europe have changed their Covid policy like Portugal lets tourist without vaccine enters the country too without any quarantine. Also, Italy has its borders open for unvaccinated visitors.

On the other hand, we have some countries like Bulgaria that have mandatory quarantine also vaccination is important here. Luxembourg doesn’t require compulsory quarantine, but a negative PCR test along with the vaccine is mandatory.

Now let’s jump to some of the destinations for your visit to this beautiful continent.

Marbella, Spain

The Sun capital of Europe is now open for tourism after a harsh lockdown in the country, this is a perfect destination if you are traveling with your family with many historic destinations plus new architecture to visit with you and your family.

Also, this place is very famous for its quality tourism throughout Europe and has a great service for their visitors.

Marbella will win your hearts with its beauty and the outdoor experience it provides you, you can experience all sorts of outdoor activities and local artworks the climate here makes this place perfect for all sorts of outdoor works.

Leuven, Belgium

This city lies in the heart of Belgium and will also make a special place in your heart. With an urban hipe and modern vibe, this place is one the best destination to visit with your friends and make your friendship bond more strong.

This place is a perfect example of traditional culture and modern art & science. Another thing very famous here is the beer, the beer gastronomy is quite popular for the youth here. Leuven also offers you multiple shopping destinations 

If you want to take a break from your 9 to 5 job and enjoy your time with your friends this is the place, not only there are also some nearby colorful villages for you to visit near this region. Of course, you can visit those places if you just want to relax.

Amalfi Coast, Italy

This destination is very popular among love birds, this destination is famous across whole Italy for its coastline and the beautiful sunsets. This is the perfect destination for marriage proposals or just to spend some quality time with your soulmate.

This place is also famous for its traditional fishing villages, colorful coastline, and crystal clear blue Tyrrhenian sea. The beauty of this place lies in its simplicity, the sound of birds chirping the fragrance of lemons in the air that just change the atmosphere, and the calmness that Amalfi provides is just unbelievable.

Rome, Italy

One of the most popular tourist destination not only in Italy but also throughout Europe, as there is a saying Rome was not built in a day, same goes for its tourism you need to stay in Rome to get the full experience from it.

Rome is quite famous for its historical destinations and how could one forget to visit the coliseum when they visit Rome. Other than historic architecture, Rome has good food and new modern culture rising throughout the city.

All these things make Rome a good destination to visit with your family and friends, Rome also offers you some great hills, valleys, rivers, vineyards, and many more great destinations not just city tourism.

Athens, Greece

Athens has always been in the top 10  tourist destinations across Europe now it’s your turn to make Athens part of your tour list. This beautiful city has some of the best historical landmarks as well as stunning natural beauty

Recently Athens took the crown of Europe’s Food capital, you can read the full blog on this topic here – (Athens beats Paris as Europe’s food capital, study reveals). But this also means the food served here would be one the best meals you have had in your whole life.

The Acropolis Museum is one of the ancient jewels of this beautiful city, the outdoor food is as good as the luxury gourmet dinners. Other than food this place is very good for people who love shopping, from antique stores to modern fashion and many more things are waiting for you here.