Once a small shallow fishing town nestled in the shallow waters of the Persian Gulf, Doha, Qatar is now a beautiful city, full of bright towers and backed by oil and gas. Unlike its neighbors, Emirati Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Doha invests heavily in education, culture, and sports to achieve its goal of becoming a global city. Qatar has the highest per capita income in the world and this, combined with a strong economy, makes the Qatari capital an attractive destination for international workers.

What is Doha?

Apart from Qatar, with interests in construction and construction, hospitality, education, and the gas and oil industry, there are more than six in one. The Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamid bin Khalifa al-Thani, has supported key infrastructure and development projects, including Education City, where A&M universities Carnegie Mellon, Georgetown, and Texas are located in the Aspire region, which has several Qatari core locations. Welcoming the 2022 World Cup after the pandemic of covid ended.

Over the next decade, the city’s rail system will be built with aerial stadiums, so sports can be played during the summer, as well as full stadiums. abolished after Earth. icon. and send it to another city. Adel Lawson, a British engineer who lives and grew up in Doha and owner of the shop website Mannzili said, “It’s young, a lot is happening.” It opens up culture, even if in Islamic culture, there is a lot to do and places to visit, including theater and many events hosted by ex-pats.”

The city is based on the Corniche, a large, large bay that runs along the waterfront. On cold nights, families come here for walks, where women swim in their black abayas (women’s traditional dress) and children swim back. The Museum of Islamic Art, designed by renowned artist IM Pei, is still in the south.

Some of the stalls from the Corniche are the Souq Waqif, a souk statue that has been on the site for a century. It may have been built with an old look in mind, but the souq is still the perfect place for a night out, wandering around the hot shops and galleries selling everything from jewelry and spices, and cross groups for hookah and sip snuff men. of mint tea.

Where would you like to live?

The new West Bay area north of the city is very popular, for its beach houses and towers, so the demand is more than food. “There are no double rooms in West Bay and not many Villas in the West Bay Lagoon or on the shores of Pearl Qatar,” explains Mirco A Maurer, head of operations at Engel and Völkers, Doha.

Pearl Qatar is an artificial island development near West Bay with a capacity of 41,000 people living in homes, villas, and hotels, as well as shops and ports. Nearby, the much-needed Diplomatic Zone on the northern edge of the Corniche is a business district, with oil and gas industries, as well as residential, high-rise buildings.

Al-Sadd, close to the city center, attracts some of the largest retailers and manufacturers, while to the west the areas of Al Rayyan and Duheil are very popular, thanks to their proximity to the City of Education and the suburbs. city. “This area offers a great opportunity for a new highway in the industrial city of Ras Laffan, where many people from the gas industry work,” said Maurer.

Travel sideways

After the cold winter months, many people head to Sealine Beach Resort for about an hour south of the Arabian Gulf to relax in the sand and sea. Sailing – up and down the sand – and beach massages are very popular. “People are also heading north to Al-Shamal [the small town] to camp and spend time on the beach,” Lawson said.

Abu Dhabi buses to Dubai, approximately 550km and 670km respectively, pass through Saudi Arabia, so it’s important to know which visas are needed. Doha International Airport is located at the southern end of the city, but the new Doha International Airport operates just 4km away and will be fully operational in 2015, replacing the old one. A flight to London takes less than seven hours and a flight to New York takes about 12 or 13 hours.

Useful information

While foreigners can now buy property, many are still paying. “We have a large number of immigrants with a good income and a large monthly income, but they would rather be homeowners, even if they have lived here for more than five or 10 years,” said Maurer. “Banks require higher remittances than in Europe or the US, and it can be difficult for outsiders who don’t work for the government or federal agencies.” Some business owners are also extinguishing the lack of politics in the area and the prohibition on buying a home (meaning you own the property for a short time, not as a space forever) in the area known as the West Bay Pearl.

However, the rental market is high due to factors like the 2022 World Cup, which is attracting international companies to the region to open facilities here or expand their staff. Villas start at 13,000 riots in Qatar and go up to 25,000 in affluent areas such as the West Bay Lagoon. The house begins with about 12,000 riots in Western Bay for the two design rooms, as well as about 7,000 riots for two and three bedrooms in Al-Sadd. “Any garden and condominium with amenities like a swimming pool, an outdoor restaurant or at least a small café and some space for the kids can be rented quickly and can have a waiting list,” explains Maurer.