An overnight stay in Madrid is the subject of myth – for which the realities of how to live and drink are well known. As Ernest Hemingway wrote of the city in the 1930s: “No one sleeps in Madrid until nightfall.


Café Comercial proudly continues with its leather upholstery, large marble, and antique booths. Taking back to 1887, this is a great old cafe in Justicia Horario barrio and has changed little since then, although almost everyone is now involved, from writers to laptops and seniors playing chess (00 34 91 521 56 55; Glorieta de Bilbao 7; beer starts at £1.70).

Cervecería Alemana is more famous for its cold beer, which is more disgusting with Spanish wine than ever before. It’s nice inside, but keep a table outside in the square on a warm evening and you won’t give it up without a fight. This is one of Hemingway’s caves, and the wood-fired bar and bar haven’t changed much since its inception (00 34 91 429 70 33; Plaza de Santa Ana 6; beer £2.20).

Madrid’s famous Museo Chicote is said to have produced more than a hundred wines, both at the same time as Ava Gardner, Grace Kelly, Sophia Loren, and Frank Sinatra. There are usually actors and performers, they do their best after midnight after a break, and some of the best DJs in town do their thing (Gran Via 12; closed Sunday, different summer day; wine from £8). ).

Outdoor drinks

Caifé Gaudeamus is another. The decor is light and new, featuring Pop Art stickers by Audrey Hepburn and James Bond, a large terrace overlooking the roof, and the back of the ruined church, where the cafe is located. Almost out of the blue she also offers a nice drink and snack. A popular spot on summer evenings to also get some pizzas (fourth floor, Calle del Tribulete 14; closed Sundays; beer from £1.80).

We could continue for a few hours under Delic for a long time, but let’s reduce it to the most important things: one of the beautiful gardens having a mojito stand out or three in a balmy evening at a table outside Madrid is one of the pleasures life. Due to local licensing rules, outdoor tables close two hours before the bar itself, after that, making it almost interactive (Costanilla de San Andrés 14; mojito £6.30).

Located on the ground floor of the ME Madrid hotel and high above Plaza de Santa Ana, The Sybaritic Roof offers some spectacular views from above the city. It’s a sophisticated non-guest area, with a popular sleeping area and lovely lounge (Plaza de Santa Ana 14; open May through September, then pick a date; cocktails from £8).


Casa Alberto has been one of Madrid’s finest tents, since 1827. The secret to its durability is the vermouth (vermouth) on the taps, the large, freshly made no-frills tapas, and the sitting-dining area. well (Calle de) las Huertas 18; Closed Monday, Summer Sunday; vermouth glasses start at £1.60).

You can find tapas, but we recommend the Taberna Tempranillo for its large selection of wines, and the glass sells many of them. It’s not a restaurant, but it’s always full in the mornings and Sunday afternoons. Floating columns and bar-to-ceiling storage add a traditional knife to the ceiling (00 34 91 364 15 32; Calle de la Cava Baja 38; £2.60 glass of wine)

La Venencia is the restaurant the Sheriff should be: quaint, what he drinks spills straight out of dusty wooden barrels, and without the toil of the famous Barrio Huertas. La Venencia is a lovely neighborhood, with good sheriffs from Sanlúcar and manzanilla from Jeréz, as well as a small selection of Andalusian tapas (00 34 91 429 73 13; Calle de Echegaray 7; mirror sheriff £2.90).

Where to live

Flat 5 Madrid has a fresh and clean design with bright colors, a flat-screen TV, free wi-fi, and flower boxes on the windowsill. Located in the Chueca area (Calle de San Bernardo 55; from £ 55).

The Quatro Puerta del Sol restaurant is all small, red, white, and black, upstairs, and with large windows that allow the sun to enter. Some houses have their terrace (Calle de Sevilla 4; from £ 100).

Hotel Ritz is Madrid’s grandmother. Situated in one of the most beautiful buildings in the city, located near Buen Retiro park, its beautiful style, and unrivaled service is unmatched. Not surprisingly, it is a restaurant of kings, presidents, and celebrities, in such a space (Plaza de la Lealtad 5; from £ 200).


Madrid-Barajas Airport is located approximately 10 km northeast of the city, along with Air Europa, BA, EasyJet, Iberia, and Ryanair serving airports including Heathrow, Gatwick, Manchester, Edinburgh, and Bristol (from £ 80 ). Passfefe Abono Transportes Turísticos offers unlimited travel on public transport, including Metro, bus, and local trains (two days over £ 10). If you take a taxi, make sure the meter is running before you start.