Emirates Skydiving

Dubai has a mall called The Mall of the Emirates. In the Al-Barsha neighborhood, you may locate it. Skydiving can be both nerve-wracking and thrilling, as anybody who has done it will attest. To feel the rush of skydiving, visit Dubai Mall of Emirates.

Before jumping, you will receive individualized instruction. This is a fantastic method to meet people if you’ve never done it before, and it’s also enjoyable to demonstrate your fearlessness! Taking a skydive with a friend or member of your family is an option you have.

Fly Over the Ocean

You may take a helicopter trip in Dubai that takes you above the water. It is one of the top beaches in the world and boasts some of the most breathtaking vistas you can find anywhere in the Middle East, making it a great destination for a family holiday.

For AED 500 per person, you may reserve a helicopter tour of Dubai, or if you already have your equipment, you can spend AED 75 per person on a camera.

Every day at 10 AM, the sessions will begin and go for around 45 minutes before ending at the helipad. They soar above Jumeirah Beach, Burj Dubai, and the Palm.


In Dubai, diving has gained a lot of popularity among businesses. In Dubai, there are so many businesses that you could notice diving everywhere!

If you wish to view the underwater metropolis, wander around the various locations. Visit the Atlantis Dive Center to learn more. In addition, they provide trips to the excellent aquarium at the Treasure Island Hotel Mall of the Emirates and snorkeling excursions.

Diving is a fantastic opportunity to experience all that Dubai has to offer and a perfect way to escape the summer heat.

Dubai Desert Safari

Dubai Desert Safari is for you if you’re seeking for something more severe than horse racing. In Dubai, you may observe camels, including newborn camels, as well as other unusual creatures like dunes.

The safari guides will take you on a tour of several regions in a jeep while educating you about the many desert animals, and providing tips on how to live like them.

This is a fantastic location in Dubai to visit if you’re curious to learn about animals. Additionally, you may visit one of the numerous camel ranches or even embark on a nighttime desert safari.

Dubai Summer Surfing Festival

The Dubai Summer Surfing Festival is an additional watersports activity. Both novice and expert surfers can take lessons throughout this festival.

There are many additional activities you may do in Dubai while you’re there, and it is a good time for people of all ages. While you’re there, you may visit one of the numerous malls, and the oceanarium, or go on an adventure in the desert.

In either case, attending this event is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy your stay in Dubai and create some memorable experiences!

Jumeira Beach Club

Jumeira Beach Club is the spot for you if you’re searching for a terrific beach club unlike any other you’ve ever been to! The splendor of this location is beyond description, so go there and see why there is such a buzz about it!

Its breathtaking ocean views are only one of the features that set this location apart from other beaches found across the world.

This is the perfect place to visit if you love the beach! There are many things to do while you are there at the club, which is big.

Abu Dhabi Water Parks

If you enjoy aquatic life, you should visit one of the Abu Dhabi water parks. There are scores of mind-blowing slides and pools at these water parks, which are unlike any other.

You could spend all day there and still have plenty to do because the area is so big. This place is wonderful because of that!

It offers a lot of beaches if you love the beach life as well as all the exciting activities found in a water park.

Atlantis Water Park

Atlantis is the place to go if you want to find a fantastic new location to relax and take in aquatic life. Over 70 slides, pools, and other attractions can be found in one of the biggest water parks in the whole globe. Magical is the word that best captures this amazing park.

Your jaw will drop at the breathtaking design seen throughout the park. This need to be on your list of Dubai must-see attractions if you enjoy water parks!

Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai is the destination for you if you’re searching for an indoor experience with genuine fun. All the snow and ice were used to construct the indoor ski facility. It is situated in Dubai and has around 30 ice and snow slides.

Additionally, there are two ski areas to enjoy: a smaller one for novices and a larger one for experts. You will adore it because it is a special and enjoyable Dubai attraction to check out.


An absolute must-see if you’re in Dubai is one of the greatest aquariums in the entire world! Penguins, sharks, orca whales, and other stunning aquatic life are among the numerous displays they have.

The lifecycles of many marine species are displayed in the Oceanarium there. Dolphins, seals, and other aquatic species can be seen in their natural environments.

It doesn’t matter if you’re young or elderly; there is something for everyone at this aquarium.