Last year, 2020, was a tragic event for many Americans and around the world. Covid-19 hit the country and hit the US, especially the weight of throwing in a vein.

Too much. The disease has caused extreme anxiety and distress to many Americans, and some have created a desire to travel or go abroad. Why? Because life is short.

According to the current United States, more than nine million former U.S. leaders live abroad in the state’s intelligence department. A former taxpayer is a foreigner who is a national tax collector, usually not paying home.

Many Americans go abroad for several reasons: the high cost of living, strong trading conditions, a stable economy, value for money, and an influx of reasonable cultural resources to profit from.

Most countries are fully indebted to these conditions and forced to move there. According to the international shipping company SDC, five countries outside the US can be considered residency.


Canada, the border of the United States and a high standard of living, is one of the countries that attract foreigners to the US. This will ensure greater security, better political and economic stability, and better health. It has the most countries in the world.

Oh, and I’m talking about the average salary of a skilled worker in Canada? As you can imagine, the cost of the first tablet is the most important, reaching $ 111,000 a year. In different cultures and cultures like America, it should not be difficult for Americans to live and live well with their families.

If you plan to travel abroad in Canada, remember that you can lower your vehicle instead of driving it.


Is there a slow pace of urbanization in New York or Los Angeles, or is there pressure on the disease? Welcome to Costa Rica then! “Pura Vida”, meaning “simple life”, is a popular religion practiced in Costa Rica. It is a lifestyle that adds to your relaxation, relaxation, and joy in life.

Not surprisingly, it is widely considered one of the most famous countries in the world. In addition, it has a clear culture, good food, and a unique language. Like San Jose and Lemon, its cities surround all of America’s urban needs, proving to be a beautiful country that attracts attention. As a result, this peaceful country is a high place for America’s former leaders to live.


Few countries are trying to reach the average American, not Vietnam. Shining brightly with the Vietnamese people in a vibrant culture is the main goal of Americans abroad. It has a high level of health, not only in Asian countries but also higher than other countries due to its economic situation.

In addition, the community promotes great entertainment and employment opportunities, making it attractive to former U.S. citizens. The survey revealed that they had been in Vietnam for several months and could be named after him. Full of great culture, quality of life and good world, who wouldn’t love it?


Because of its life and other similar services, Europe is the next most popular American after the former American leaders. It’s all in Portugal and it may be one of the cheapest countries on the continent. That is why the average person has a lot of money to enjoy life in Portugal.

Summer (lots of cold weather, clear skies, most Americans are flooded). However, health care is still more expensive than in America. Suppose you see a local citizen, there is no charge for public health. It is one of the safest countries in the world and surpasses the United States in this respect. So your security is even stronger.


Yes, in one of the countries in West Africa, Ghana has little to offer to Americans who move abroad. It is becoming a symbol of rich culture, political stability, peace, security, low crime, and the cost of living. There are plans to promote and facilitate citizenship for Americans who want to leave the world.

The people of Ghana are one of the most peaceful, hospitable, and most caring people in the world. They do their best to please strangers and former co-workers. The city of Accra offers many opportunities to start a business. It offers a wide range of buildings in many cities around the world.