Want to have the most affordable European city break? Granada, a city in southern Spain, could be your best option.

For most potential travelers, price is a key consideration. The greatest places to visit in Europe on a budget are fortunately listed here.

The top 100 travel locations in Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, and Spain were chosen by a travel comparison website from a list of 200.

On the basis of the number of free attractions, the cost of public transportation, and the cost of food and drink, cities were then rated.

It examined the price of city sightseeing trips as well as the availability of public drinking fountains. Continue reading for tips on how to travel affordably.

What city in Europe offers the most affordable city break?

The finest place in Europe to go on a tight budget is the city of Granada in southern Spain. Exactly 112 free activities are available in the Andalusian city. 10 free museums are included.

The sightseeing trips in Granada cost about €6, making them among the most affordable in all of Europe. With 86 bars and nightclubs and beer prices of just over €2 in the city, a night out is inexpensive.

In addition to 143 public drinking fountains, Granada boasts 1011 free WiFi hotspots. With a travel card, the price of a typical bus ticket drops to just €0.83, making it one of the most affordable in all of Europe.

For the shortest itinerary, passengers who disembark in Berlin and Milan must also go via Paris and Barcelona.

What is there to see in Granada?

The highlight of Granada is the Alhambra palace complex. Originally constructed as a walled stronghold, the magnificent Moorish fortification later evolved into the opulent home of the Nasrid emirs.

The lavish Islamic décor and elaborate horseshoe arches of the Nasrid Palaces, as well as the riot of color in the flower-filled garden of Generalife, the sultans’ summer house, are sights that may keep you enthralled for several hours.

The Cathedral, an enormous work of Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque architecture that took more than 180 years to complete are another of Granada’s most significant historic sites.

It is still incomplete since only one of the two towers that were initially intended for the facade has been fully constructed.

Granada’s oldest neighborhood, Albaicn, is a great place to explore in the evening. The Alhambra can be seen in magnificence from the steep region’s maze of twisting lanes that are dotted with white-washed homes.

Many of the tapas bars in this neighborhood provide cheap drinks and complimentary food, making it a fantastic spot to stop by.

Train travel directions to Granada

With the recent construction of a new high-speed train, Granada is now connected to important Spanish cities. It takes three hours to travel from Madrid or four hours to get from Seville to Andalusian city.

With stops in Paris and Barcelona, passengers departing from London may be in Madrid by rail in as little as 14 hours.

The quickest route requires passengers to pass through Paris and Barcelona in addition to passengers disembarking in Berlin and Milan.

European locations with a low cost of living

The second-cheapest location in Europe is Bruges, which is in Belgium. 24 free attractions for sightseeing and a cheap walking tour may be found in the magnificent medieval center. Additionally, there are six free museums there.

Surprisingly, Venice landed in the top three. It appears there is a way to visit Venice on a budget, despite the fact that it is notoriously expensive.

St. Mark’s Square, the Bridge of Sighs, and the Rialto Bridge with a view of the Grand Canal are just a few of the city’s most popular attractions that are cost-free. There are 186 public water faucets and 22 institutions with free admission.

Europe’s most costly locations

As the most pricey location, Lausanne is on the beaches of Lake Geneva. There are just 24 free activities and one free museum in the Swiss city.

Out of the cities included in the survey, food and drink were found to be among the most expensive, with a beer costing over €8. Lausanne was in the bottom three together with Bern and Winterthur, all in Switzerland.