So you’re ready to explore New York!

Whether you’re planning for a weekend or you’ve been here for years, there’s so much to see that you’d need a lifetime to do it all. Besides Times Square, it seems there’s never a definite answer as to where exactly your time should be spent in this massive urban jungle.

Is it worth it to see this? Do I have time for that? These questions are difficult for any traveler to answer, but especially here in New York. As a longtime NYC guide, I’m here to help make your planning just a little bit easier with this handy list of must-visit spots in the city, from famous monuments to incredible neighborhoods.

Here are 6 attractions that you absolutely must see when you visit New York City.

1. The Statue of Liberty on Ellis Island

The best spots on this list may come as no surprise, but there’s no doubt that both films are important when you’re in New York.

The pillar of freedom is a symbol of not only New York but America as well. Ellis Island is also our country – after all, almost half of Americans can return to this island.

There are many options for viewing the statue from the harbor, but I recommend taking the time to visit Liberty Island to see it up close. You can go to the Freedom Show and hike the trails for spectacular views. From there, it’s a short boat trip to Ellis Island to explore the immigration museum and learn more about the gateway to America.

Both islands have unique experiences to offer that you will discover for yourself at least once. You can always visit the statue of liberty on Ellis Island to make your visit richer, adding historical background and local insight, but no matter what you choose to visit, there are two things you should most definitely do on your New York quest. List.

2. Broadway

The Theater Area has more than 40 Broadway theaters, which is why New York boasts some of the best theaters in the world. Whether it’s new, newest, or oldest music, when you see a Broadway show, you are taken to your seat and into a new reality. This is the magic of Broadway!

One of our guides shares lots of in-depth tips for exploring the area behind the story of a Broadway blog. He had some ticket suggestions, but he knew that no matter how high the price was, there was a way out. For example, you can go to the TKTS booth in Times Square or sign up for TodayTix to earn money.

You can also visit Broadway with good New York filmmakers to learn more about the history and secrets that make up the New York movie scene like no other place in the world.

3. Brooklyn Bridge

Walking the Brooklyn Bridge is an easy and enjoyable journey and a good reason to visit Brooklyn. The view is unparalleled and it was amazing to see the bridge itself.

If you want the best views, start in Brooklyn and work your way up to Manhattan. It puts the situation in front of you and makes you start to feel less human. This gives you another chance to relax and enjoy the place.

Tip: If the weather is nice, consider moving in the sun, and you’ll see Manhattan’s sunny weather for energy one room at a time.

4. Sky view

New York City has a beautiful metropolis with spectacular views to accompany it. The Empire State Building, Rock, and World Observatory are among the best. Whatever you choose, you should have wonderful ideas and unforgettable experiences.

However, there’s no point in spending time and money for most people to do all three, so I recommend ordering one and taking some pictures. Everyone has their benefits. These are a few points, but I’ve put them all together in an in-depth blog about the painting so you can read more and decide which one is best for you.

Empire State House: Undoubtedly this is a famous, classic. The latter also unlocks it, allowing you to make adjustments to fit your schedule.

On the Rock: This monument is not as tall as the Empire State Building, but there is a clear view of Central Park, you can get photos that include the Empire State Building. Above the Rock also has a lot of levels to give you a choice of samples than when people weren’t full yet.

One World Observatory: Sometimes called OWO, this observation deck spans three floors at 125,000 square feet. It is very popular because its location between the exhibition and the World Trade Center allows the idea of a port and statue of liberty.

Edge: At 1,100 feet in the air, this is not only the highest elevation in New York but also the longest in the region. You can see New York like never before through its windows and suspicious exterior windows. On the other hand, one cannot be near him with just a glass in the sky. This is amazing.

5. Central Park.

There is nothing sunny in Central Park. Save this for a better day – rainy weather won’t let you enjoy the beauty New York has to offer.

Stroll The Ramble, pay homage to Strawberry Fields, go skating at Wollman Rink, Pickup and Meadow Sheep – you have so many options and you’ll see another New Yorker do the same. Visiting Central Park is a great way to see a little bit of New York life.

While rain can lead to a beautiful garden, don’t let the cold stop you. Central Park is a fun snow sport in New York, and boating here in the winter is magical.

6. Little Italy and China Town

One of New York’s many wonders is its uniqueness, which is what you’ll find when you visit Little Italy and Chinatown. The best? These two areas are very different from each other. This is the beauty of New York: you will find beautiful neighbors but they are different from each other.

Many people visit these two neighborhoods on the same trip. We did this for our neighborhood tour, adding SoHo. Because they are so close, you can enjoy them all for an hour.

Of course, you can stay longer if you want to have lunch or dinner here. Little Italy has endless options for a variety of pasta, pizza, and pastries, as well as numerous festivals each year that last. With Italian flavors on Mulberry Street, you’ll pass Canal Street, the heart of Chinatown. Chinatown is like a rural city. Chinese food, shopping, medicine, decoration – you can find it here.