What countries do Americans not need a visa to enter? Before you book your upcoming overseas vacation, consider the following.

For the majority of Americans, it’s a relief to know that getting your passport updated is the main concern before taking a vacation. Access for Americans to the majority of overseas stops is mostly open. You still need to determine whether a visa is necessary for your intended trip, though. What countries may Americans visit without a visa, then? Where are American citizens prohibited from entering without a visa could be a better query?

Despite the current travel limitations imposed on Americans due to the coronavirus outbreak, Americans continue to hold one of the most potent passports in the world, granting them visa-free access to the majority of nations across the world. In reality, because it allows citizens visa-free entry to 186 locations, including those that need an ETA or a visa on arrival, the U.S. passport was placed sixth in the world by Henley & Partners Passport Index in its list of passports for 2022.

Most nations in Europe, the Caribbean, Central America, and South America are visa-free for Americans, along with many other well-liked tourist locations. Russia, India, China, Vietnam, Turkey, and other nations demand visas for entry for holders of U.S. passports, in addition to those that accept e-visas.

Visit the Henley & Partners Passport Index and choose the nation from where your passport is issued to learn where you may go without a visa in the first place. You can then discover which nations demand a visa before traveling there.

Visa-free travel obviously does not grant American citizens unlimited freedom of movement. Check the local immigration and customs regulations before arranging your trip, especially if you’re wanting to travel for a long time, as the length of time you may stay in a nation without having a visa differs from place to place.

When deciding when to go and how much money to spend on your vacation, keep in mind that obtaining a visa may be a time-consuming and expensive procedure if you’re traveling to a country that does.

As previously reported, certain nations have barred entry to American tourists during the coronavirus epidemic. You may discover country-specific coronavirus travel information (including quarantine laws and current limitations) on the State Department website. For a list of nations that welcome American visitors, read our list of locations where Americans may travel right now.