As you know before this, my husband and I had one of our biggest dreams last year: we bought a boat to sail in the Mediterranean. Even if we do this during a war, we must be protected if either of us becomes ill or our eyesight is damaged. After comparing many options, we finally get secure travel insurance.

Wing Travel is safe and desirable for voters

We are planning a trip to the south of France on February 1, 2020, to find the ship. And when the ship was found, we wanted to sail to the south coast of France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, little Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, and then Romania.

Finally, for security reasons, we decided to cancel our trip to Greece. We have heard worrying reports of moving from the Bosporus to Turkey and crossing the Black Sea before the storm can be very difficult.

It’s really fun to change our travel plans because Wing Safe Travel insurance gives you the freedom to choose where you visit where you want without changing bills.

But now the disease has spread and countries are starting to close their borders. France was quickly imprisoned and found that we were taken off the ship (and we delayed painting our backs, changing our routine, and sailing.

Safety travel insurance changed during the course of the disease concerning CDC records. And if a virus (usually a country or city) reaches the trip due to a virus in the third or fourth stage, you can’t stop it when you get a warning. And if you’re there, you have ten days to clean up the place. You are not only locked there but also removed. You may be asked to stay longer than the first 10 days using standard treatment without COVID-19.

Wing Travel Insurance became a member according to the circumstances

When he was arrested in France, we stopped working on our ship and set sail on 24 June 2020. The last voyage involved three countries: France, Italy, and Greece. This was very clear during the move, but it helped us cross too many boundaries and could lead to traffic or congestion. So, we had in mind the food and water were with us for two weeks when we got stuck in the boat.

Yes, we were disappointed when the CDC changed the French warning when closing the closure. But we didn’t leave home and we took every step. And the same thing happened a little later when we moved from place to place almost every day.

As of August 1, 2020, Safe Wing’s nomadic coronavirus infection insurance is protected against all new systems. When we got the animals, we caught them and followed their instructions to return the new insurance and the current Covid-19 registration insurance. The recovery took a few minutes and allowed us to add months to the trip.

Secure travel insurance works just like any other order. Sign up and as long as it works, it will be tested automatically within 28 days. You can pay a prepayment, but if you have to cancel, you will not be able to pay others because you changed your mind.

I had to cancel because we spent several months in Romania before the end of the trip where we could not use Insurance Wing Nomad Insurance. Then, after 30 days at home, the insurance period ended and I deducted the money we hadn’t spent.

Nomad Insurance = the option chosen by the guest

Paying safe cash will help you manage your money if you only spend the money you earn and there are no hidden debts.

And costing $ 40 a month (28 days), cheap foreign insurance allows you to travel and relocate.

If I tried and saw how their team works and how easy it is to register (even if you can do it after the trip) or cancel at any time, I know in the future that I will go to a place where I always get insurance

What is the coverage of Safe Wing digital nomad insurance?

Travel insurance

  • It has the opportunity to work well with hospitals and doctors on urgent and urgent health issues. This includes the safety of doctors, hospitals, and emergency care.
  • This includes travel insurance, lost wallets, emergency response, and natural disasters, personal debt.