Once the group closed, they wanted to return to the United States immediately. They contacted their BCD network in the United States, even though the request for such trips was midnight.


The customer has an integrated travel area available 24 hours a day. However, one of the foreigners, laden with letters to India, joined BCD chief of staff Konni Bye, directly at the waist. Although it was midnight, normal working hours had passed, Konni and his partner Holly Palmer, the operations manager, jumped out of bed and helped to assist their client. They work fast to give them a choice and safe seats in the next available seat – allowing the kids to travel together. Konni talked to the customer closely until all the documentation was sent and the process was clear.


Within three hours, BCD secured customer seats at the next available location. The speed and reliability of the BCD allowed the customer to complete their repairs and allowed the four airlines to assess the duration of their trips and return it safely in a busy week. Depending on the speed of visits to the BCD, visitors are unlikely to worry about being allowed to restrain labor.