The hospitality and tourism industry plays an important role in Malawi’s economy. The company created jobs and helped generate foreign currency. In view of the need for this, 250 hospitality and traveler companies in Malawi were interviewed to identify and analyze any problems currently faced by the company.

The study found that the company faced some obstacles on the physical infrastructure, management, lack of ICT technology in the market. The company is characterized by a lack of standards or inadequacies within the company, as well as related policies, high bank interest rates, power outages, and high levels of corruption by government officials.

The survey included online questionnaires and telephone interviews, as well as surveys of 250 participants. Only 194 participants answered this question. The group’s focus is on hotel and tourism managers and owners. The results of the study were analyzed carefully and quantitatively. The number system is believed to provide a lot of information and the data is easy to organize into diagrams or diagrams due to the number. On the other hand, the qualification process is simpler to better understand the search results.

Keywords: travel entrepreneurship, travel challenges, travel opportunities, management, and ICT.


The world has clearly changed over the years and some of the challenges facing the hospitality industry have changed over time. Clearly, there is a need to move from a planning approach by travelers and hospitality seekers to a greater focus on informing the current public and the thought of seizing opportunities (Seyed Morteza Bagherifard, 2013).

Now, the company is undergoing a demographic shift related to changes in travel planning and unpredictable financial conditions that give travelers and visitors the ability to advance and advance the current company’s planning. In recent years, health and safety issues such as infectious diseases and global safety concerns for indoor use have increased dramatically (Tione Kaonga 2013).