The success story of a travel agency.

A successful citizen can only think of ABC, a transport company founded in 2010 that operates in the well-known city of South India: real city, real car type, good drivers, travel experts. , works with many well-known hotels and a nice back office. ABC boss Arun feared, however, that his company would not make a profit even after a year in office before Covid.

 At the end of the first year, Arun realized that his life would be in danger if he didn’t do anything self-deprecating. After researching some alternatives, he switched to Adwords, such as Google Search Engine Service (SEM). Today, ABC is a well-known transportation hub that operates in more than one city. Arun believes the transportation department isn’t far away, but believes in his insight into today’s AdWords market.

 Search engine optimization (SEM)

Search Engine Optimization (SEM) puts the company’s website at the top of search engine pages. It usually does this by associating paid ads with search engine websites.


 Search engines are the web repositories and help find information from many of the available online records. Engineers like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others are the most visited websites in the world. Based on the information available on the Search website (url:, 94% of customers on pre-purchase websites and 61% of customers on the website use search engines when they are use them from the website. Search engines are the first idea to set up the WWW in such a way that they get the information they need, because whoever offers the best offers will find it – in your search engine optimization engine.

The Product Testing Guide enables customers to view and test a product / service before using it. Right or wrong, search engines look for a company’s reputation and value, and add or subtract the value added to search engines in any business. While most businesses have a website in the form of Web Sites, Blogs, or Facebook Pages, many businesses without knowing it, miss out on Search Engine Optimization in order to make money. about how that works.