Several months after DowDuPont became one of the world’s largest companies, it split into three companies: Dow, a leading active technology company; DuPont, custom product design and Corteva, dedicated to the science of science.

BCD Travel played a key role in addressing the travel-related changes that have taken place in the sectors from 2018 to 2020. The travel agency has integrated 65 countries into a single global program in two months. Only. TMC then teamed up with the leaders of the transportation companies to identify and develop a strategic plan that would allow three separate U.S. companies to continue to benefit from the majority of the deals.

Today, the BCD offers a unique travel perspective on companies, highlighting the depth of integration and BCD’s ability to reduce the ubiquitous problems of joint travel companies.


The Dow DuPont meeting was the cause of the much-needed changes in the travel system. Just take a look at where DuPont’s travel plan was in early 2018. The company has used several international travel solutions. Each system had its resources and service record. The experiences of the guests were inconsistent. DuPont struggled to find transportation money to use. However, the demise of the national conference proved extremely painful.

“It was unmanageable by many organizations and agents, and a global oversight,” explained DuPont’s Global Category Director for Travel and Meetings, Jean-Paul Vanherf.


The collapse of that uniform travel program began as companies recently merged BCD as the global TMC. The integrated travel plan had to follow some of the required meeting methods. At the first meeting, the leaders of Dow, DuPont, and BCD created a six-month run immediately.