One of our clients, a global medical company, has redesigned its previous hotel system with standard photos. They also used a cap to pay for the interview. In their old markets, where they had a lot of interviews to negotiate with competitors, their money would be more competitive than their market. However, in their secondary market, the threshold is higher than in their market. As cap conditions are almost always an anchoring option, it gives a very high score.


The BCD has set elections to be held after the suspension and termination of cabinets in at least 10% of the major parties. In the case of the helmet, these battles are now faced between a parking lot and a hotel.


  • The percentage in the primary and secondary markets is set at 10% below the public average
  • Elimination of conditions in the secondary market (55% of reduced primary programs)
  • 4.9% of YOY remained in the newly unregistered market
  • Save on the market more than 2%