Lack of knowledge about the benefits of travel and directions like many large companies, Textron’s travel information is a multi-page document written on their pages. Employees do not use this opportunity or the guidance they receive because they do not take the time to go to the intranet to learn about them.

To expand access to the travel program, the Textron team provided BCD Travel’s TripSource mobile phone for staff. Although it supports the program to a limited extent, it employs more than 2,000 employees – about a fifth of the U.S. immigrant population and Canada – brought TripSource, checking the number of their employees. Textron has decided to publish TripSource but is also using some of its development to get TripSource feedback.


TripSource Messages increases the use of car park programs within the program

The TripSource messaging component allows Textron to forward messages to guests leaving a designated U.S. airport. Messages were sent 24 hours before departure, informing passengers of the parking lot available to park vendors who love Park ‘N Fly® and The Parking Spot. The messages were short, capturing the benefits of easy access but unreadable information in the Textron staff toilet. “When TripSource sent a message to the airport people, they made the request,” said Joyce Hofmann, Textron’s global travel officer. “Every employee has a smartphone in their hands, and TripSource allows us to put the information they need into their hands.”


90% increase in parks and cars – and double savings

Over the past year, Textron has seen the establishment of its favorite parks increase by 90%. The bank is responsible for the car more than twice, compared to last year. The experiment was so advanced that the company was looking for ways to use the TripSource message to increase compliance, alert visitors to dangers, and educate them about other important aspects of legal travel and rescue.