SEO Case Study | Travel and Tourism Industry


In this case study, you’ll learn exactly how we boosted the rankings of a travel & tourism site all the way up to the top of page 1 in Google with our Managed SEO Service Package.


This is a site in the travel niche focused on guided tours. This client actually had their own content team, so we solely focused on link building. They actually purchased some of our Guest Post packages from us starting in March 2017 and saw great growth, then joined Managed SEO package in May 2018. From the time they started buying packages from us, estimated traffic was about 1,700 per month, but now it’s 10,000+ per month!

The SEO Audit

The first thing we always do as a part of our managed SEO service is to do an audit of the site. We look at things like current traffic, backlinks, anchor text, and more. We found no penalties on the site and it was off to a good start thanks to their in-house content team and consistency. Before they joined the Managed SEO package, they were already doing link building a-la-carte with 5-15 DA30+ Guest Post links per month. With that said, we saw they were focusing on exact match anchors so to protect this site, we wanted to make sure we had diversity when building the campaign.