Trane Technologies launched BCD Travel’s self-service platform for guests from six Latin American countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Peru. The aim is to build low-cost hotels, improve passenger traffic and save on transportation to strengthen the base. But six months later, adoption is still low. Veronica Sandoval, director of Latin American Trane Technologies or Travel, Fleet & Meeting Services, said: “Booking guests for the program is important for cost control, maintenance and guests.” “Many LATAM visitors are used to being in direct contact with hotels, which means we have cultural issues. We believe Trip Source can help. But the first trips need to be tried. We need to. We need a system. To convince them.”


Trane Technologies has completed vocational training in the field of BCD. Choice of the first group: speak to the guests in Spanish and also in English. “While we are used to speaking English in business, Latin American employees often respond well in their native language,” Sandoval said.

Guests from the six LATAM countries who traveled in 2018 are invited to join the website in Spanish or English. The sites described in detail what TripSource is, how it is registered and how it can be used for hotel bookings. The programs also explain the benefits to guests – that TripSource will add to their hotel selection; saves time when ordering; and improve their safety when the company uses them in an emergency. Sandoval said the security message kept visitors who still remember the devastating 2017 earthquakes in Mexico.

To monitor the website, visitors contacted other employees via Skype to ask if they had any questions. Some visitors have seen the queries. Registered TripSource users receive important messages via mobile phone before, during, and after the trip. Trane Technologies The messages guests to book their hotel through TripSource; recalled benefits such as Wi-Fi in the room; and ask them for feedback on their travel experience.


After the trial of TripSource, guests were added. He said: “I started getting thank-you letters from passengers after using the device, and passengers of all ages who use laptops and cell phones have received positive responses.” Sandoval. “Visitors love the latest technology options; everyone wants to get in touch right away.”