Fun, creative and safe road transportation for employees is a top priority for customers in California. The mobile management company believes in the power of my mechanical technology to control traffic and send relevant information when nearly tens of thousands of employees do the same travel activity every year.

That’s why the company launched Trip Source® and BCD Travel. The Travel Source platform and interactive tools make it easier for passengers to navigate their route, protect hotels, and access travel arrangements, policies, and safety information anytime, anywhere.


Operations Management used a new email (OBT) to change this. He brought together Advito Travel Engagement experts to launch and launch a campaign for acceptance in Source Travel Engagement. They avoid the method used to perform the OBT. Advito Group has developed a kind of business travel plan; takes great photos; and creates interiors to teach visitors to understand the origins of the journey.


Getting ready for the trip took two weeks of hard work. Even though it ended, the players still announced. In the year since the start of the competition, more than 4,100 cyclists have registered with Travel Source – almost 400% of all users.

“As drivers experiment with travel Engagement resources, they are excited about the extreme flexibility of their journey,” the guide said. “They found the ceremony practical and simple.” Even finding a hotel address as simple as possible can make life on the road easier. The travel guide helps visitors get the information they need when they need it. “

The Itinerary continues to make use of professional communication tools designed to attract visitors to their businesses who want to inform them about the best itineraries. The travel guide commented on the integration of the trip with Advito, as mentioned. He showed conviction and simplicity.