Our client, a leading leader in digital electronics and automation solutions, wants more employees to use their writing tools. The aim is to improve migration and create a safer working environment in Singapore. Some APAC markets showed strong online approval rates, but Singapore’s approval rate was close to zero, three years after the device was acquired.


BCD Travel has created a program designed for special people – travelers and travelers living in common. The BCD has invited 33 book authors and 995 visitors to attend two seminars a week to explain how to read online travel books. The plan also outlined the benefits of visitors – a mobile device that increases their savings and saves time on shopping. Authors and visitors receive valuable messages through internal communication tools that encourage them to direct their online travel. When authors or visitors invite BCD to register, they remind the company of their goal of improving the web they represent and encourage them to make use of online library resources.


Between March and June, the air approval rate increased to 60%, with an average of 2019 to 50%. This growth has been seen to save our customers up to the US $ 98,000 in sales revenue. But the real savings were in the books of cheap prices on the air. Air-to-air items on-air are 9% cheaper than those listed abroad. Walk-away was 16% cheaper when put online. A growing understanding of the price difference has helped inspire more tourists to stay with the network and opt for the lowest flight. This raised US $ 253,000 in common types of statements.