For years, traveler category management teams have applied the same tactics for managing employee behavior as part of their approach to achieve savings.

Many continue to manage travel spending in this way, to keep generating the same or similar levels of savings that they’ve always been able to achieve. However, many teams are adopting new but proven strategies that drive breakthrough savings into their programs, well beyond the status quo due to covid.

Typical companies have norms and expectations around what they consider savings and what they do not, but there are more low-risk systems that make behavior management strategies easier and more lucrative. They require more practical approaches in managing travel demand and new efforts to help travelers make the best purchasing decisions they can when they do decide to travel. Best of all, they’re low-risk investments, making breakthrough savings all the more achievable.

Achieve Breakthrough Savings: Practical Demand and Traveler Behavior Management Strategies, hosted by ProcureCon Travel and sponsored by Advito. The discussion focused on two key strategic areas—demand and behavior— that help travel teams change how employees choose to travel and boost cost savings for their department and the company.

Additionally, this report provides a glimpse into the inside travel strategies from the Global Travel & Event team at LinkedIn, including revolutionary approaches to managing cost savings and traveler spending.