Today, one of the challenges facing many companies in all sectors is to control the impact of growth and development. This led them to individually adopt strict rites. The quality of green Innovation is one of the tools used by businesses in the tourism industry to successfully perform. This study aimed to examine the impact of new and existing types of Green Innovation(new green products, new green, new technology, and green new organization) according to the development of the travel industry. Office and visiting. Trade-in Egypt and putting part of the environmental commitment into the relationship between the new nature of work and hard work. To find out the purpose of this study, data were collected from 210 leaders working in Egyptian travel agencies and hotels using questionnaires. Questions are assessed using the Model Scale Auditor Basic Model (PLS-SEM) using Smart PLS 3.21. The results show that Green Innovation and its four variants including new products, new Green Innovatio products, and new products tested by humans have resulted in more stable cases. The results also show that the community hopes to bring more links between the new green and sustainable events. This result retains the greater significance and functionality of office and hotel music.


Tourism is one of the main contributors to global economic growth and is one of the drivers of environmental change (OECD, 2013). Today designers have caught the attention of many researchers and business owners. Tourism has even grown to become one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world. Tourism has been described as a risky industry that is heavily dependent on technology, so the tourism industry aims to improve and promote its production (Razavindravelo, 2017). The new tour is one of the most prominent of many tourist destinations. Thus, visits should be considered as one of the most important events of any market visit (Mother and This 2010; Cosma et al., 2014). “Green” is not only a color but also an important concept of social cohesion, well-being, economic and health promotion (Hieu & Rašovská, 2017). Simula et al. (2009), Sarker (2012), and Bossle et al. (2016) also show that words like green, green, region, and stability have become common words to describe anything that preserves such an environment or less. Climate.