APPROVAL. Assessing viewers ’perceptions of local food as part of their travel activities is often accurate and practical. Also, the gastronomic approach is considered to be the most enjoyable and enjoyable tourism experience. Recent research in this area has emerged, primarily since home appreciation and food support have not been reported. Therefore, this study is an attempt to analyze the impact of food on the country in terms of economic benefits, gastronomical experience, popularity, and increasing hospitality and hospitality as observed by 176 Filipinos. Individuals handed out and posted their questions online using the simplicity of images. The results show that hospitality and tourism management is the most important of the four categories. When the statistical data were analyzed, it was found that the differences between the four groups were significant. Part of the benefits is more in favor of the defendant. In other words, home guests have different options when traveling based on the local dining experience. On this page, some results from different variations and interactions are presented. At the end of the paper, interviews, experiences, boundaries, and recommendations are provided for immediate enjoyment.