The time has come for collaboration Virtual meeting tools, which enable people to collaborate digitally rather than face-to-face, have struggled for years to establish themselves in the business world. At first the interest was not good, but the equipment was not used well.

Today we are witnessing a very different situation. Virtual relationships, using digital and interactive methods, are now integrated into the corporate world. Of the 442 travel managers surveyed in October 2015, Advito saw 76% working for a video conferencing company and 24% using advanced immersion systems such as telepresence. And 81% have access to videoconferencing or telepresence equipment.

• Various options are now available to meet the need to integrate everything at a cost. This includes a wide variety of multipurpose conference systems, which are popular because they are portable and cheaper than immersion systems.

• Video meetings are often popular due to the camera display on many digital devices.

• Technological Advances Technology has improved the user experience with better audio and video production. The system is also easy to use, without the need for professional hardware. Cloud connectivity technology allows you to quickly connect various video chat products.