Choosing is hard! Welcome to Thetravel, and today we’re going head to head with Florida and California to see which state reigns supreme for travelers. In this video, we put these two astonishingly diverse and amazing destinations against each other to see which takes the tourism crown.

If you’re considering moving, you’ll need to consider cost, security, and weather. You may want to live in a busy city or on the beach. You may want to travel everywhere and have a friendly city, or you may want to be alone.

Florida and California are two sunny states known for their warm climates, calm beaches, and endless beaches. However, their differences can move you from one place to another.

What’s better to live in Florida or California?

There is much to be done for these two circumstances, but they have different characteristics in life. We analyze housing prices, taxes, rivers, weather, natural disasters, and crime rates in Florida and California to determine which has the higher standard of living.

By exploring the different aspects of life in this state, you can decide if you prefer to live in one place over another. From there, you can start your search for the perfect beach vacation home.

Read on for the general best in terms of housing prices, outdoor environments, and safety standards.