A trip to one of the ugliest places you will never forget. Today at Mojo Travels we discuss why you need to go to Antarctica. In this list, we’ll cover some solid reasons why you should add continental content to Trash, and explain why this unique feature is complete.

What do you expect from the meeting? Are there events you see where you go, or other fun and exciting things? Do you want to find a new place or escape the noise of everyday life? If all this explains the value of your vacation, there is no better place than Antarctica. Niva is the reason you get off the boat in Antarctica and go to the South Pole:

1. It’s cold

You probably didn’t think it was the first thing – most people who have never visited Antarctica think a cold city is a “scam”. So being in a very cool environment evokes the mind. As long as you tolerate the weather, you won’t get cold, but the cool air will attract your eyes. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you get used to the weather, and you can consider cold conversion as one of the best aspects of your trip.

2. Malaga

Nature trips to Antarctic resorts. Of course, you’re not really going to sleep in the sun at the South Pole. Traveling to Antarctica means sailing, walking, and exploring one of the most beautiful places in the world. If you visit this continent, you will surely have something memorable.

3. Part of the story

Because Antarctica is so far away and the climate is so extreme, few people visit the continent. This means that your vacation will become part of the continent’s history. When you visit many places, you will see something already built and fortified. Antarctica, part of the story.

4. Far, far away

Most of the southern part of the continent does not extend. When you visit Antarctica, only you, your team, and scientists, and long-distance travelers will meet somewhere along the way. You have no place to live – Antarctica is not only uninhabited but there is no evidence that anyone rose until a few hundred years ago.

5. Another country

Gabrielle Walker, an environmental scientist who visited Antarctica to study the effects of climate change, described the continent as extraterrestrial:

Anyone who enjoys the idea of traveling in space in an uninhabited world will have this experience here on earth without the necessary use. Antarctica is your home.

6. Fauna

According to the habitat, Antarctic wildlife – especially penguins – are not afraid of humans. They have never had animals in the wild, so they are confident and curious. A visit to Antarctica means closeness to you and anyone who wants to fly.

In addition to penguins, whales and many other seals live in the southern hemisphere. If you visit these pastures and cultivate the soil, you may notice their wildlife – something that doesn’t have a zoo or aquarium that can be imitated.

7. Science

From a scientific point of view, Antarctica is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Not surprisingly, it is a good place for people studying climate change, but it is also a very popular place for astronomers. The bright air, clear climate, and lack of mixed light make the garden one of the most beautiful places on earth to see the sky, which means scientists can really observe what’s going on in space. It also allows the Antarctic space event to see the sky from above.

8. He icebergs

Even if you’ve never seen snow, you’ve never seen others like it in Antarctica. As the ship approaches the southern valley, the glaciers rise. These floating buildings come in all shapes and sizes and have nothing in common – you’ll be amazed at how much snow surrounds you.

9. Pictures

Whether you are an avid lover or want to become the best photographer in the world, Antarctica offers a lifelong opportunity. From the best care to the most beautiful and picturesque area, this continent allows you to take incredibly high-quality photos. The photos taken here are different from previous photos and will help you develop as a musician.